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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Mee too. I think. lol
Hiya PQ , welcome my friend
Originally Posted by brandotron View Post
*opens door*
*drops off case of Ensure*
*closes door*
Get outta here ya brat
Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post

LOVE IT! Don't mean to jump into ya'lls thread, but I will forever be a kid at heart....and my wife says she's a mother of 3....hehehe... What can I say...

And I'm 32. Hopefully will be 28 next year.

Here's to being a young at heart, mature adult.

Cool thanks Tag
Originally Posted by WildClay View Post
This is so odd, this is the first car I have had where I got any comments like that, but only a couple.

The other day I got a sign language response to my "at a light reply", guy asked if I stole my kids car, I said no and when you grow up your mommy might let you have one also...
Great response
She's been sold ( Goodies List Updated )

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