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Originally Posted by turboed2000 View Post
Thanks for the tips but I have the turbo stuff locked down. I use this intercooler alot and in the Las Vegas heat (110*) my intake temps on a full pass only go to the 130-135 range. Pressure drop is very minimal with this as well. My Procharger would climb to 235 at the end of a pass. As far as the turbo being to large, I dont think so. This exact turbo on my LS3 in my 69 GMC spooled faster than a Maggie and never stopped making power. I have built ALOT of turbo cars and all run perfect. I currently own 4 turbo cars built by my self and I hate lazy turbo's and ones that weez out. We will know on saturday, it's going to the rollers.

Sounds like you know your stuff...good luck !
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