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Originally Posted by nhra stocker View Post
The camaro is at such a disadvantage running against the freakin cheater cobra jets that are so under rated its pathtic! Correct me if im wrong but doesnt the cobra jet run the same engine as the gt-500 thats rated 540 hp and NHRA rates it at 425? I also heard a AA ran in the 9.40s and an A ran in the 9.60s! NHRA is letting them do what ever they want! Im not sure what class the camaro will fit in but its got to be A or B dont you think?
Right 540 with eaton but 425 with whipple ... 3.4 liter vs. factory 2.1, 210 cubic inch vs. 140 cubic inch Eaton TVS .mono-blade throttle body for nearly 1900cfm capability... and it lost 115 hp ? and GM at best will have a LSA rated @500+ ... with a 119 cubic inch unit .
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