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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Did your plant change anything else? Just curious. Because if that's all they have left to work on is bodypanels, we could be close. But, I have a feeling there's more...much more to work on with manufacturers, etc. If Tom and Chip are talking about gas cap location, there's obviously other issues that are still in the works and need to be panned out before they can really go ahead. All the little issues add up and begin to take time.
That was the thing...we went from the 1999 tahoes and suburbans and went to the 2000-6, then from the 06 to the 07s......the 2000-2006 was the biggest change but this last time alot of the sheetmetal changed, and like I said once the sheetmetal is approved and good, it should only be 6 to 8 months.
We had sheetmetal for the 07s in the plant and test running them four months before we made the first non-saleable unit. Unfortunately, if they are still thinking about moving the gas fill door at this point we could be in for quite a wait. Not to mention the cost to GM to have new dies made for that quarterpanel. Yup.....if they have to move it now...someone on the design team really got an a-- chewing.
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