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Originally Posted by dayvedayve View Post
No Rick - yes
No John Stamos - din't know he sang except on full house - double yes
No Jared Leto - ? but I'll Take your word on that one.

BON JOVI - Must take the left Fork on that one. BON JOVI is in a different league than those guys. Their old stuff is awesome. His actor status came later. Besides you haven't driven, until you play "Wanted Dead Or Alive" at full blast with the top down and 3 hot chicks in the passenger seats. Those were the days.
Originally Posted by BowtieGuy View Post
Amen sir! Especially to the part about Wanted Dead or Alive. Classic. Additionally, I dare someone to try and tell me you can't get a girl in the backseat with "Bed of Roses".
Nope. can't do it.

Sorry, Bon Jovi gets classified as weak 80's hair and spandex 'pop glam metal' along with Winger, Poison, and Slaughter.

I'm sure you can get a girl in the backseat with Fly To The Angels but you might wanna' make certain that she's not in the 8th grade.

His own guitarist, Richie Sambora said of Jon Bon Jovi, "Oh he's an actor? Well that explains it. He certainly wasn't much of a musician."

Then again, Richie Sambora says a lot of things he shouldn't so maybe I shouldn't give his words any credibility. He also criticized Bruce Springsteen for making songs that make people think that everybody in New Jersey just drives around all the time.
1st of all, what's wrong with driving around all the time?
2nd of all, You cannot criticize The Boss in Jersey. That's like saying something negative about ZZ Top in Texas. Like saying something negative about Aerosmith in Boston...etc...Pretty sure it's punishable by death.
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