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Originally Posted by MMX_SS View Post
I have a 1SS with the six speed manual. The one to four "computer aided" shift is a pain. A couple of times per day this "feature" kicks in when I am least expecting it. Usually when some idiot with a 4x4 is tailgating me.

This is my sixth Camaro. And it is the best car I have ever owned.
But playing guessing games with a computer when I am in heavy traffic takes a lot away from the experience. Trying to out-guess the other drivers on the road is enough of a challenge.

There is a cheap fix available for only a few bucks. Do a seach on this site as it has been discussed before. It's a resister type of gizmo that attaches to the transmission tunnel under the car. Fools the computor and doesn't throw codes. Just make sure you attach it to the correct spot and not the reverse-lockout connector.
Had it on my 4th gen and is a royal pain in the butt, as you found out, it seems to happen mostly when you are not expecting it. Then you end up with the gear lever floating around in neutral trying to find fourth.

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