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Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
too bad about the shaft,, is there any gm dealers around there?

hello,maybe you can answer a question about the camaro exports, do the cars shipped over have tire pressure monitors?

and are they still fully obd2 compliant with 4 cats?

How it works in UAE for car dealerships is that there is usually 2 dealers (1 for Abu Dhabi and one for the 6 Northern emirates Dubai, Sharjah etc...). Some dealer owners are also dealers of several, and sometimes competing, car brands. (eg. Al Futaim motors has Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Lexus, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge)

There are a few exceptions to that rule where there is one dealer for the whole country(Al Futtaim for Toyota and I'm not sure about the others brands I mentioned) and chevrolet which has a dealer for AD, one for DxB and one for other N.Emirates (Only applies for Chevy not other GM car brands)

Regarding our cars. Yes we do have tire pressure monitors. Our cars come with all the options as standard, other than GFx and 21" wheels and onstar as there is no coverage here.

Im not 100% sure but I can almost surely say that yes we do have all the cats as they are very strict on emissions and modding here. Basically the rule on modding and emissions is very vague where engine modding of any type is illegal but people still do it and get away with it at testing as long as the car doesnt sound 'too loud' or 'too modded' which are a case by case thing I guess. (really ahrd to describe)
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