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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Regarding the rear quarter window, I was talking about the 5th Gen rear quarter window. I'd like to get those dimensions. But, I suppose we can get those dimensions maybe....for a second edition sticker?

Now...for stickers for Indy...

I'd love to see what the faded stickers would look like and cost....especially if they were die cut and not just one big rectangular sticker. If they had to be one solid color, I'd say either a chrome or white as well (due to the tinted glass like mentioned).
Ok...we can get the window dimensions at Indy for the 5th gen and have something ready when the cars hit the dealers. I will get a quote on printing the fancy faded decal and let you know. I'm also going to be working on a simplier version in case we run out of time before Indy.
I also will need to know how many members are going to Indy with a car so I can make enough for everyone who is attending.

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