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Yes all Dodge makes is GAS GUZZLING OBESE PIGS lol... they will be lucky to survive 5 years more like 3 , look at there truck (HEMI) sales are horrible hell they can't even give them away , too bad I did like the 60s and early 70s mopars but times are changing... CHEVY HAS THE VOLT WHICH MANY SAY IS THE FUTURE OF THE COMPANY AND WILL SAVE THEM plus they have the most fuel efficient line up of all the Manufacturers even more than TOYOTA or HONDA , Ford is also smart by using a 4.6 l in there Stang to save fuel I think the LEGENDARY 5.0 will be back for the 2010 Stang it makes sense for the times , a small block with high HP and good fuel economy I doubt they will use the 6.2L they were talkin about it is just too big , they will also offer the ECOBOOST for the GT again to save fuel and give cosumers choice ,remember they only use a 5.4 in the Shelby GT 500 there top dog , plus Ford is rumored to be working on a similar vehicle as the VOLT they know they have to...

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