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Originally Posted by FirstCamaro View Post

Scheduled to meet with dealer in Oct/Nov to go over build list, but looks like I will be passing on my waiting list spot for the SS.

Even after seeing this picture I am not convinced. I was attracted to a MODERN looking concept car, not something that can be confused for another car on the street.

I loved the concept car and what Hollywood did with it. However, I really think these lines are too rounded, hood is too short and the overall "Oh my god, look at that!" is missing from the production model.
Take a look at the last page of the salesperson reference guide. Take a good close look at the picture on the bottom of that last page. What exactly do you see there that makes you say there is such a dramatic difference between the production model and the concept model that would draw such a comment. Where are these rounded lines you refer to that did not exist on the concept. Keep in mind that what you are looking at in that picture is the production right next to the concept.
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