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Originally Posted by AlSuwaidi View Post
ME Dealer or states! what difference? they are all off the same productuion line in the end.. but to answer your question, I got it from one of the official dealers here in the UAE. They will be getting me a new gear and shaft. I just hope they have them in stock and not have to bring one from USA!:(

They said I was the first case they saw with this issue! I'm so glad I didnt order from the states and have a broken gear and shaft and no guarantee! It was worth the extra money I paid!

Your car is right on the border! so if you bought yours from the states i would be worried because you might not have guarantee to cover it breaking, even though it is a factory defect (we all know how our dealers can be bad at times) Ide check with GM ME to see if your car is covered.

If you bought it from your local dealer then dont worry! launch the hell out of it and if it breaks change it under guarantee! if it doesnt then mbroook ! you were out of the batch!

Just my opinion! I would rather have it break under guarantee when I was launching in a quiet area and fix it under guarantee then not enjoying my car and being ultra careful and not using the power it came with because I am worried it will break! Plus you never know ! it could weaken over time and then suddenly break from a simple 1-2 or 2-3 shift on a highway of middle of a junction or u-turn! But dont go using LC 5 times a day cause I told you to !

Let us know how it goes!
What I meant is the warranty,are you covered or not?
I'm glad your dealer going to fix your car that's must be a relief.
I bought the car from chevrolet dealer here in kuwait so I have the 3 years/60000km warranty.I drove like I stole it in the first 1500 km now I'm kinda babysitting it so far so good.
Good Luck keep us posted
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