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Originally Posted by motorhed View Post
I agree, the curb weight (3800lbs!?!) alone has me thinking used Vettes at this point...i was so sold on the new camaro but i don't think this guy is going to hold water versus the vette in the twisties...which is what i was hoping for. I'm not looking to spend upwards of $35k on a car that needs suspension upgrades and weight reductions. Looks are still killer and love everything else about it but i think i'm going to be disapointed during the test drive. I hope i'm wrong.
Well it may be designed to be the "poor man's Corvette", but that doesn't mean it is one. They may be made by the same company, but they're in totally different classes, and price ranges. Sorry, but I dont want space age tech on my car if it makes it that much more expensive. Example, the two have the same heart (LS3) but will differ by over $10k because of the amount of engineering that goes into the Corvette. If you are looking for 'Vette performance, buy a Corvette. If you want a reasonably priced car with Corvette similarities, buy a Camaro. If you want Corvette performance at Camaro cost, sorry, I don't know where to point you there. It is not fair or logical to expect world class competing performance in an average joe car.

I shall step off the soapbox now. Just tired of people nitpicking.
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