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I'm not a dealer, but I have done a lot of work in both customer service and sales, so I speak from experience when I tell you that your dealer is an idiot. In fact, I think that everyone should be thoroughly aware that your dealer is probably as incompetent as you at your job. Without the traditional bashing that I've done on this subject, I'll simply point out that dealers, with few exceptions, consistently reinforce their awful identity as sleazy individuals with an addiction to high-pressure sales and confrontational business tactics. There are good dealers out there, and I'm happy to say that several of them belong to this very site, but the ones that don't have access to the plethora of information available in car communities like this one are fatally incompetent, stupid, and, sadly, going to stay employed as long as buyers are stupid enough to believe what they say.

Basically, dealers are competing for you to show up. Once you show up, they have a very strong probability of you trying to buy something. This isn't like a grocery store. Buying a car at a Chevy dealer is not like buying a box of Wheaties. When you're at the supermarket, you can see most of your popular options right there. At a Chevy dealer, you just see Chevrolets. In order to see a better offer on the same car, you have to go to another Chevy dealer. In order to see a similar dealer on an alternative car, you have to travel to another company's dealership.

Your dealer's lack of product knowledge generally leaves them telling you all sorts of ridiculous information that is either completely untrue or outdated by years. In fact, for as frequently as I've posted the same few words of advice reminding people that "your dealer is an idiot," I should post even more frequently that their buyers are even dumber in so many cases. Rather than checking facts, they take the fool's word for truth. Rather than comparing products, they buy the first one they like because it looks cute, has leather seats, or is available on the lot. When you go to the local furniture store, you don't spend $30k on a cute leather chair that is sitting on the lot, yet that same logic will compel a phenomenally stupid buyer to purchase something dozens of times the price of a decent La-Z-Boy.

Why are dealers fighting? They're fighting because each of the good ones has to compete with each of the stupid ones, and there aren't enough buyers with brains to know the difference.
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