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Originally Posted by JM10 View Post

People have to realize that this is a collection car

Nice Car Chris

Collector car? I guess that anyone that customizes thier car would then consider thier car a collector car. This is a 2010 Camaro that has been customized by a third party company with no affiliation to GM in any way. The only cars that have truely appreciated to this day are those that had some level of affiliation with the manufacturer - not third party customizers.

Take Lingenfelter for example - hands down they produce top notch cars and are one of the most well known customizers of GM cars but they have done nothing but lose value from the day they were built. This will hold true with all these cars as well - it is only an wise investment if you are going to enjoy the car and get your monies worth out of it. If you are planning to buy it and hope it appreciates, I think that logic will prove to be flawed.

$150k Fesler? Come on guys, it is truely a nice car but that price is insane. With the car costing about $35k and the engine costing $20k direct from GM you are adding another $95k to the price tag for the rest of the mods and labor. I just dont see a Camaro being successfully sold at that price.
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