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I love it. It's a Raven Black '65 GT fastback with the original A-Code 289 in it. It gets compliments wherever it goes from all sorts of people and is a blast to drive. It needs a few things here and there, and it definitely needs some bigger wheels and tires for daily driving(It has the stock 14x5s with the pizza-cutter red line tires on it. Those will be kept for shows.), but that's what makes it so fun to have. It really brought me and the wife together on the car hobby thing. She was actually looking at an Evo or STi, along with a few other new cars when I found it on the internet and showed it to her. Next thing I know I'm on three-way calling from Kuwait with the dealer and my wife. Two days later she drove it home from Maryland with no problems. It is definitely staying in the family for good. Anyways, sorry to hijack a Camaro thread with tales of a Mustang. Please continue.
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