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Thank you so much !!
Especially for moving our film on the main page!!
It was just one night in Germany and today we are really overwhelmed by the response of this forum. We really appreciate that!

So we try to answer the questions of the former posts.
If we forget something, feel free to ask again.

Btw. weŽd be pleased, if you give our films a good rating on youtube

Now to some answers of the the post above:

craotcamaro: the cameracars used to film the camaros were a C6 corvette and for the slower parts a toyota something of our camera-man (sorry Cameraman ).

DrumDwawg: a camaro is really an exotic car in germany. sadly GM does not offer it officially in germany yet. maybe in 2010 they will...

ArkySS: titisee is a funny word in german also

Mosher: yes it was great fun being in the states. we met many gentle people and very important : many gearheads
it was an overdose of impressions and sadly we did not have much time for a stay. so while editing the vid, we often thought: "great country and we were there !!"

Mikep2g: Yes one thing we were missing was a road without a speed limit

V6sonoma: We unfortunately had no choice to drive the 6 cyl yet.

edrock: the music is mentioned in the credits...

Best regards !!!!

Falco Kai & Christoph
our camaro special:

our youtube channel containing other gearhead stuff:

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