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Heads Up - Clutch Spring noise

Yesterday, I pressed the clutch pedal and heard a creaky/twangy sound for the 1st time. I pressed the pedal more times and no sound. Continued driving and the creaky sound occurred at maybe once in 5 -10 clutch press intervals.
So, I started thinking, ok, it is a hydraulic clutch so no cable and the noise is not coming from the center area so not the clutch or tranny itself.

So, when I got home, I kept pressing the pedal while I focused on the where it was coming from as I suspected it was the clutch pedal spring. Well, I looked up at the pedal assembly and saw one end of the spring goes into a tiny white plastic bushing that goes into a hole in a bracket. Well, the bushing had slipped off. I popped it back in and so far, no more creaky/twangy sound.
Just a heads up boys and girls.

check the two white on each end of the spring.

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