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Question of Side-by-side

Originally Posted by Beyond Limits View Post
A couple of things... you are actually comparing an artist's rendition against an actual photo. Again, at the risk of repeating myself... check out this picture from the salesperson reference guide (I included it below so there is no confusion here). Now look at the picture of the two camaro's facing each other on the bottom there. One is the production LT/RS and the other is the concept. Look real close at the two. They are about as close to each other as you can get when making the transition from a anything goes concept to a street legal production vehicle that you can own. Where do you see all of these differences about the hood being longer, the curves of the sheet metal being so dramatically different? Don't compare two different photo's and think they are equal. The only real way to compare them is in a photo like this where they are actually side by side or in person. Any other way your perception will be distorted because the pictures are not taken at the same angle, with the same lens, with the same lighting, the same distance from the camera, all of which play a significant role on how the subject of the picture appears in the image.

Thanks for the "color" side by side. That does help out as I just have an earlier B/W. Now here is a couple questions for my build list. On waiting list for a SS and looking at possible SS/RS, but still need to understand all my options. I am going to take it the one on the left is the LT/RS and the right is the concept.
First, to get the hood vent that it part of the SS package?
Second, are the bottom halo/fog lights the same? Or, just a shadow issue.
Third, what would it take to get the slits by the rear tire? Just a good custom shop? Any chance of getting it put into the car from the factory?
Fourth, that nose on the concept still looks longer. Maybe its that fender turn signal messing it up.
Finally, I played a game with some co-workers to see what is different and the concept stood out to each even though hard for them to figure out why. A couple comments were that the one on the right (concept) looks like a sports car and the left (production) looked like a coupe. Narrowed that idea down to the height of the car. Amazing a difference one inch can make. Have to hate those safety regulations.
Thank you again for your insights into this new car.
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