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Front End "Pop"

My 2LT/RS was TIGHT in the front end for the first three weeks, then after driviing on a cobblestone streeet, i noticed a noise in both sides under the front that sounds like a bad strut.

Took it to two dealers. Both heard the noise and replaced the front strut mounts last Fri. under the service bulletin you mentikoned. NO CHANGE. They called Chev-Tech Services who suggested they drive one of the stock units. Shop foreman did that and heard the same noise in three cars.

Chevrolet said no further repairs since it was apparently inherent in all camaros. I went today and drovew another 2LT V6. Damned if it didn't have the same loose sound when i went over a bump or hit a small depression !!!!!!!

I amlooking for some one who has had this problem and got it resolved !

Please let me know!!!

2010 2LT/RS V6
Inferno Orange 6sp-Manual
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