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Originally Posted by FirstCamaro View Post
Thanks for the "color" side by side. That does help out as I just have an earlier B/W. Now here is a couple questions for my build list. On waiting list for a SS and looking at possible SS/RS, but still need to understand all my options. I am going to take it the one on the left is the LT/RS and the right is the concept.
First, to get the hood vent that it part of the SS package?
Second, are the bottom halo/fog lights the same? Or, just a shadow issue.
Third, what would it take to get the slits by the rear tire? Just a good custom shop? Any chance of getting it put into the car from the factory?
Fourth, that nose on the concept still looks longer. Maybe its that fender turn signal messing it up.
Finally, I played a game with some co-workers to see what is different and the concept stood out to each even though hard for them to figure out why. A couple comments were that the one on the right (concept) looks like a sports car and the left (production) looked like a coupe. Narrowed that idea down to the height of the car. Amazing a difference one inch can make. Have to hate those safety regulations.
Thank you again for your insights into this new car.
No problem... You are correct... the one on the left is a LT/RS and the one on the right is the concept. The hood vent is only available on the SS and the SS/RS. The fog lights are not projector style beams like the concept and they are set in a black plastic ring as opposed to a silver plastic ring like the concept. (That is something that you could always take out and paint yourself if you really prefer the silver paint over the black paint). As for the nose looking longer, if memory serves me correctly I believe the concept and the production are nearly identical in length and width. I think what you are seeing is the wider front side markers they had to use to be street legal as opposed to those slick narrow markers on the concept. As for the air vents, you are sol on getting those from the factory. If you need them opened up you are going to have to talk to your local body shop. On the plus side since they are not open they will not bend the first time some schmuck leans on your car when you are not paying attention since it would be a pretty good trick to make them sturdy given how little metal there is to work with there.

As for your co-workers, I don't know what to tell you there. I do however know that everyone so far that has seen the production next to the concept has commented just how remarkably similar the two look next to each other.
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