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SS Shotgun Ride?!??! :-)
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I havent waded through the dozen pages yet. Forgive me.
But, I have one comment: Thanks, Scott!

(and to the OP).

I appreciate your pictures! (both of you)!

EDIT: PS - the "Christian Slater" TV Silver SS pics WERE of a production SS. Thought so!!! Me Likey!!! (Although mine will NOT be in silver). And, yes -- the more agressive door-sill ground effects that have an obvious delta towards the rear-wheel appear to be SS-Only refinements.


Either way - I am buying an SS. I like the fact that the lower, larger bumper vent more-closely reflects it's Corvette (Z06) Brethren.

I may be the ONLY one getting this, WITHOUT the HID headlamps. Its GREAT for me. (one man's opinion). <thumbs-up>
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