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Originally Posted by kga10734 View Post
Did I hear they guy in the video say about 20 ft. lbs. of tq. gain and about 15 hp gain with this Flowmaster axle back system? This would be the biggest gains by any of the systems out so far.

I will listen to it and the 2 others I have narrowed it down to a few more times, but this may be the system I get.

Summit doesn't have it in stock yet, but they are going to be selling it for $456.00 with UPS ground shipping for $12.00

Can I call and come by pick this system up without a shipping charge?
I'm thinking it's like the BBK gains... those are not peak gains... I need to watch the video again... but I do remember him saying something that the gains were right around 5400 or 5500 or so RPM... That's where I've seen my biggest gains too...

Look at the big gain I got in that area:

Same area i think he was talking about... Hard to be exact but at 5500 RPM I've gain close to 20 RWHP...
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