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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
I'm thinking it's like the BBK gains... those are not peak gains... I need to watch the video again... but I do remember him saying something that the gains were right around 5400 or 5500 or so RPM... That's where I've seen my biggest gains too...

Same area i think he was talking about... Hard to be exact but at 5500 RPM I've gain close to 20 RWHP...
Yes and he said the gains were 20lbs torque & 13 HP ............I was thinking if he is getting those gains with more restrictive & Much milder sounding Flowmaster mufflers we should be getting even better gains with our MRT system with small less restrictive Aero resonators!

And now you showed that we do.......
Thanks for posting that.

So, our gain @ 5500 RPM is app. 20HP____What is our torque gain @ the RPM he is using for his gain ?

BTW...Was that dyno of your MRT #1 or #2 system ?
Did you do a dyno of the two systems, if so what was it torque & HP difference ?

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