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Originally Posted by ron8879 View Post
would love to know how the sound compares to the solo exhaust (sound,gains, ect) and second I'm not a fan of tips that are just bolted on....hello, why cant these be welded on to the mufflers like most systems?
I heard rolnslo's solo exhaust this past Saturday night and it sounds pretty good. He has the manual so it does sound a little different then the auto because the auto comes with the extra resonators. It is quiet at idle but has a nice sound to it when revved up.

As far as the bolted on tips, you can always have them welded.

I went a head and pulled the trigger on something close to the Flowmaster axle back listed above.

I ordered 2 of the Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow mufflers item# 842543 and 2 of the Flowmaster tips item# 15365 which are clamped on. I plan on having the muffler shop tack-weld the tips in place so I don't have to worry about them coming off. I know the mufflers I ordered are the ones Flowmaster is using for the axle back system and I got a tip that is close if not the exact one they are using. I'm getting them for Summit shipped next day air with a total of #357.61 for everything including the next day air. It would have been $307.61 without the next day air, but I'm one of those kind of guys that wants it NOW! The shop I talked to is going to remove the stock mufflers and bend some new stainless pipe, make hangers, and install the new stuff for $100.00 labor. I'm actually coming out about 120 bucks cheaper doing it this way and if I don't like it, I can always take it off and order something else.
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