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Originally Posted by N.H.SS View Post
Thanks for getting back to me, Mike. I am interested in your #2 package for my car. Would really like to see some 60' #'s, before and after. Since my car is already in storage, i'm relying on Camaro5 members to sort out the mods I want to order this coming spring. So keep the sight informed for us.
I will be getting together to chat with Pete on a number of special projects, one of which is the development of our drag packages. I can tell you we have been working on something seriously cool for those that are drag guys and will not be road racing. Cannot discuss it yet, but will put us on the map in the drag race community.

I would like to get several guys across this country to do some testing for us. It will need to be someone who is seriously active and drag racing is a passion. Do not want a drag only car that is not streetable. Will work with someone who has this, but the ones that I want to test for us is a drive there, make some runs, then drive home guys. Pete's Camaro is not set up for a drag car. It is not his thing. So we will do something.

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