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Originally Posted by syc View Post
Yes and no. The engine builder started with a bare ZO-6 block, then built and blueprinted it using the best internals. According to him, the motor is basically bullit proof, capable of handling a supercharger, turbo, nitrous, what ever we might want to throw at it.
Originally Posted by Nickey Chicago View Post
No! The only thing left mostly as GM built it are the Intake and the block.

Almost every other component is custom and has been upgraded!

It makes a bunch more HP and TQ than a ZO6 Crate motor and like Tom mentioned we can up the power level in many ways without issue!
Ok. It's just that I seem to be confused. I'm not doubting the upgrades/customizing. But, doesn't a stock LS7 make about 420-450rwhp? I know it is about 505-515 at the crank. I'm assuming you are using forged internals?
I know Nickey Camaro and Yenko take their cars very seriously and are true to their word. Thank you for clearing this up.
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