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I don't want it to be too tall. And, I don't think it will be. Kenz said when at the Buger place where they showed the concept, the designers were talking about possibly lowering the seats...or not making the seat bottom as thick. That would lower the driver a little. I think they probably already made their mind up on that one....seeing as though we've heard the roof is only to be raised 14mm. I'm tall I don't want to have my head hitting the ceiling.

Next...I don't want the Camaro to shrink either. I like it's size the way it is. Who wouldn't want the extra interior room? I like a wider interior. I like the extra elbow room. The wider the car is, and with the IRS, it should be able to handle cornering better.

Yes. I want it to go on a diet. But we are also talking the LS3 engine. It WILL move that Camaro quite fast. And...if I recall correctly, the specs of the Camaro are almost the exact same as that of the Mustang. I have it in an article somewhere...think it was the Hot Rod or Motor Trend issue.
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