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Our Stage II Naturally Aspirated 6.2, with our head & cam kit, fast intake & fuel rails, CAI, headers and exhaust system puts down over 450hp to the rear wheels, while the 6 speed Stage II manual is over 500hp.

Point is, that just like the 'back in the day' we can build them to suit the customers needs and wants.

Without question, Tom's 2010 Yenko needed a real 427ci. 427 are nostalgic and very cool IMO.

We also built other 427ci Automatics which make more than 500hp to the rear wheels like the one below. We have also built 427s with power adders which have put out 1200hp to the rear wheels, while FLP has a daily driven shop car with an LT1 350ci based engine which puts out 1,000hp to the wheels.
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