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How to Wire Footwell Lighting

I wanted to do this as cleanly as possible, so running a wire all the way from the dome light was right out. Let's dig in!

K9 is the BCM and X7 is the connector that has the dome light wire. K9 is just above the accelerator pedal and has 7 color-coded connectors on it. X7 is grey in color and so is the wire in position 1 (our target). I attached a t-tap for this connection. See first pic.

I mounted my light strips under the dash and oriented the wire-ends towards the console. You can pull back the sides of the console to give access to a nice channel. I taped the passenger side light wires to the end of a stick and used it to fish the wire to the driver's side. See second and third pic. Note the bolt with the yellow line by it in the third. This will be our grounding point.

I then spotted a slot that I pulled the driver's-side light wires through to better hide them. See the fourth pic.

I took the two black (negative) wires, cut them to a good length, stripped them, crimped on a spade/ring terminal, and attached it to that bolt mentioned earlier. See the fifth pic.

I attached the t-tap mating terminal to a fuse holder, connected this to the red (positive) wires, and plugged it in. I then tucked the wires in behind the console and generally spiffed up the wiring before I snapped the console side covers back into place.

All done! Enjoy your illuminated feet, as others have noted! See last pic.
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