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I just ordered the option 2 Pedder drag kit and already have drop springs installed with sway bars. I also have every other rear end component ordered for replacement as well. Axles/CV, toe rod, trailing arms, tunnel brace, subframe connector and driveshaft being replaced. Motor mounts are being replaced and I will be running 16" wheels with drag radials. After all of this I will then try to dial it in to hook at track. This is going to take time and patience to get it right but this is a good start. I have had it at the track a couple times but am running stock 21" wheel/tires and 1-3 gear is useless as it spins no matter what. Best I have done is 12.00 and trap speed was 126mph so there is alot in this car when it hooks and this is with the 627hp I have now. After the engine is rebuilt this winter and all of these items are installed it will be a beast at the track as it will be putting down around 900hp when it is unleashed.
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