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Great story! And any first experience which went that well.... deserves another (buh bye speed3).

1) blindspots... as long as you never take them for granted, you'll end up being a safer driver because of them. And I have adjusted my mirrors to cover most of them, but i still check 3x.

2) ambient lighting... neat gimmick, and probably nice to have when parked at 'lover's peak' or whatever, but i believe you can dim it, if not fully deactivate it if you really need to. (Or get the 1SS)

3) other minor annoyances... you'll get over 'em, or comfortable with them, quickly.

4) automatic trans... drive in sport mode and it is more aggressive, or use paddle shifters and do your own shifting. No, not a manual, but it's pretty impressive in my opinion.

Edit: Great pics too!!

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