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I'll be there in 2 weeks!!!!!


We finally made the big decision to move from Virginia, where I've been for about 10 years now, back to where I grew up in Florida.

Probably Pasco County to be near Tampa (but not too close) and be around my family again.

You'll notice the craziness of this date. Isn't Indy in 2 weeks? Yeah timing isn't great. My last day of steady work is the Friday before Indy, then the DAY I get back from Indy we pack up the truck and drive to Florida.

No job yet, and no place to live permanently. Will be camping out at my mom's property for a week or two while we figure out where and how we're settling down, but I think we should be ok.

Either way, expect little from me after Indy since I'll be in transit for an undetermined time.

So Floridians, I look forward to meeting ya!
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