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Originally Posted by scnhra View Post
Wonder if that 3rd window will roll down. I really wish it would in the hard top for old time sake not that anyone rides back there anyway. :-)
3rd window? which one is that?
If you mean the rear quarter windows they will either go down with the top or they will have their own switches... they would look dorky if they didn't go down..

Come on guys, think about it , A Camaro with a hardtop convertible top.. How much do you think that would cost? you are going to put it into Corvette territory.. this is an everymans car.. it had to have compromises somewhere, shark fin, radio antenna, top (which I think compaired to other convertibles looks dang good) it all works for the Camaro to help keep the costs inline so they can get it past the beancounters and into production.
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