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2010 Camaro Stereo BA Speaker Wiring Info

I added bass blockers to my door speakers today. I did this in my 02SS as well for my doors and rears as it takes out up to (for my application) 50w of bass from the speakers allowing much cleaner highs. I would ONLY suggest doing this if you are running subs in the trunk. You get much cleaner and louder highs when the volume gets up there into the 35 to 40 range. It's still a lot of distortion beyond that 40 to 45 range. But, it cleans it up a lot and is worth it.

I looked around on the web for the wiring diagram and even called Boston Acoustics to see if they had the 2010 Camaro stereo wiring diagram. The main reason you need this is to find out which speaker wire is the positive and which wire is the negative. You want to add the bass blocker (commonly referred to as a speaker saver found as Best Buy and other stores) into the positive wire as close to the speaker as possible. Just take off the door panel, remove the single screw that holds the speaker in place, disconnect the speaker, and cut the positive wire about two inches from the connector. Expose the wire on either end and toss in the bass blocker...twist the wires at either end...tape it up w/ electrical tape, solder it..whatever, reconnect and put the speaker back in and the door panel back on. VERY simple process.

I finally called my Chevy dealer and the only person who could give me the schematics (over the phone only) was the shop foreman. So, if any of you want to do like me (who have added subs and want cleaner sound for your mids), here's the info on which wires are what. You'll need this info and I sure as hell couldn't find it on the web!

Again, I only did the doors...but here's for all the speakers.

Center speaker: yellow is positive

Driver door: tan is positive and light gray is negative

Passenger door: light green is positive and dark green is negative

The rears have two speakers on either side....

Left Rear Sub: dark blue is positive and light blue is negative
Left rear high: dark blue w/ white tracer is positive and green is negative

Right Rear Sub: light blue is positive and blue w/ black tracer is negative
Right rear high: dark green is positive and light blue w/ black tracer is negative.

Have fun!

No...I didn't bother w/ the door tweeters since they are separate and I do believe they are the common red/black wires meaning pos/neg...from what I remember pulling them out twice. and black.
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