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Originally Posted by NYG71 View Post
Things like this erks me. A similar situation happened to me at Jerry Chevrolet in Leesburg. I brought my car in to fix the issue with the radio firmware/software upgrade since my iPhone wasn't being detected as I attach it to the usb port. Anyways, Camaro5 member Lectra70 took her same issue to Pohanka Chevy and they fixed it. So I informed Jerry's Chevy of the fix and they said "Go to Pohanka since they fixed it before." Whoa???

I'd be better off had I brought a 10+ yrs old car so that they can overhaul the drum-braking system.

At least they could have told me the truth and that it wasn't in their best interest to file a service report and to get off their fat ass to research what Pohanka Chevy figured out.

Wow. Thanks man. That's why your dealership is closing, short-timer!

It's annoying as hell that people like that give the GM product a bad name. THIS is why people buy imports. If you have individuals that have that attitude building, selling, and servicing your car, then the product will suffer image wise. I mean look at BMW, I am sure everyone knows that they fly their customers to Germany to pick up their car.

Needless to say I just walked out and didn't look back. I will say this, if I see the same individuals at another establishment I will give them a bad review. I'll walk out again.
This is a reason why SOME GM dealerships will not be in business as time goes on. The first cut of dealerships was for sales volume. There's a second wave gonna hit at some point for dealerships that can't deliver the postive customer service stats. Go to any reputable dealer that cares about service and they will go way above your expectation to receive a positive feedback on their service surveys GM sends out. It's coming folks... just a matter of time. I had a TPM service indicator on mine. I go to the service counter and the service writer says it will be about an hour until a mechanic can look at it as most of them were at lunch. The Service Manager comes out of his office, says he'll take a look at it and at least get a diagnostic going. Ten minutes later it's fixed. Pressure sensors needed reset. Now it was an easy fix with the electronic sensor reset box (which is wireless!!) but he took the point on it. Where else do you get that? BTW my dealership is Dominion Chevrolet in Richmond. You want good service... give them a try.
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