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Originally Posted by Nickey Chicago View Post
...We have also built 427s with power adders which have put out 1200hp to the rear wheels...
Originally Posted by syc View Post
...But, since you are into numbers, here are a few to ponder. At the annual Supercar Reunion Labor Day, there were a half dozen or so Nickey built 2010 Camaros at the track, including 427NA, turbo, supercharged, turbocharged, Procharger and stock with a mild tune. And not only did they race, they were driven to and from the track, some driven the 200 mile trip from Chicago to Collinsville.

At the recent MCACN show, there were 8-10 Nickey equipped 2010 Camaros there, from 6 cylinder to twin turbo, Procherger, 427NA, the Pedders track car, etc. Most driven from the shop to the show.
I have a couple of questions for either one or both of you guys since it seems to be the achilles heel of the 2010 Camaro. With the number of Camaros you have already put together, I bet you ran into these "limitations". These questions deal specifically with whichever was the highest HP car(s) you have put together. If you do not wish to publicize the info, I understand. Please just PM me.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

1) What automatic transmission are you running in these ? (e.g. a modified version of the 6L80E or the 4L80E) Are they all the same or have you tried different ones. If you built them, I'm interested. If not, can you point me to who did?

2) What rearend/differential/axles/driveshaft are you using? Once again, If you built them, I'm interested. If not, can you point me to who did?

3) What tires are you running? e.g. street tread, drag radial or slicks ?

4) Have you broken any driveline parts that have been upgraded ?

Basically, I am trying to find the best solution to a drivetrain that can handle power like the 1,200+ hp Camaros you guys have built.

Thanks Again.
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