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Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
I have an automatic and have had no problem with 650 to the rear but agreeably it flairs once in a while with repeated beatings and trans temp increases. TCI can make your trans bullet proof. Most bash me when I say that because everyone says they are just a big old commercial company and have lost the real customers point of view I do not agree they rock and will take care of you call direct. Rossler can also make a bullet proof transmission

I have not broken mine yet so I do not know the limit. We have shipped several 1100 eng hp motor to Australia for the super car shoot outs and drift competitions and everyone seems OK with the diffs. As for the drift shafts we offer upgrades to the customers that bring their cars in but have never really entertained selling that technology I guess I should offer half shaft upgrades.

I have tried them al but the jury is our on duration of parts I would say based on the Ausy abuse the diffs will be ok for a while if you really want a daily / drive it like it is stolen rear end / We are shortly offering a 9 upgrade that still has the IRS and a solid live Axle up grade by March

Thank You for the in-depth answers. I will PM you with some details Don't want to keep hi-jacking this thread.
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