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Post P. Ham's IOM (Int. & Ext.) Auto 2LT RS w/ GFX

Here is my current mod list. I don't anticipate going too far as I don't have the neccessary skills. The most customizing I have ever done on a car is window tint. This list will be an on going plan or wish list I can add to or check off. I'll see how far I can go.

Custom paint job - DONE! (Thank's to Womack Chevrolet and their awesome paint & body shop. See pics below)
  • Orange front bow tie
  • Black back bow tie
  • Black hood spears
  • Black side view mirrors
  • Black door handles
  • Black front fascia
  • Black spoiler
  • Black GFX
  • Black tail lights
  • Black side signal lights

Gill vinyls - 2 different sets combined. STARTED! I put the first set on.....still need to do the second set. Not sure I like it...:(
New Spoiler - NLP - DONE!
New Wheels - Something with chrome and black (similar to GM's 21" upgrade)
Custom Plates (Time Me) - DONE!
Custom License Plate Frame - Cheap black one for 8 bucks - DONE!
License Plate Light - DONE! from AAC. Really bright!
Front License Plate Mounting Solution - Probably do zip ties
Dual color changing LED turn signal bulbs - or Stealth Bulbs - (Decided to hold off. I like the subtle color difference in the front.)
Sequential Turn Signals - DONE! from Web Electric. Easy install. Looks great!
Red/Amber Dome/Trunk Light - DONE! RED from AAC. Wish it was brighter but can't expect much with the color red. Still cool!
Gas Cap Caddy -
Under the hood:
Exhaust - MRT 2.0 - DONE!


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