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Originally Posted by SSchase View Post
hey your guys track pack looks awsome and im really considering buying it. but im trying to figure out why your front sway is bigger than the rear, i know there must be a reason. cause on all my other cars its been the other way around. from what i see it works great but i just was looking for more information. thanks for the help.
Hi, I'm glad you like the track pack. As for bar sizes, different cars will have different sized sway bars. There are many factors that determine the actual size of the bar chosen for an application. These include factors like suspension & sway bar geometry, which affects the leverage and motion ratio of a sway bar. Vehicle weights, spring rates, shock dampening, all play a role in tuning as well as whether the vehicle is front or rear drive.

Commonly in rear-wheel drive applications, too big of a rear bar can cause excessive oversteer when powering out of a corner. This prohibits the driver from getting back on the gas sooner after a turn, which slows down lap times. We tune the rates of our sway bars to significantly reduce body roll to increase response and grip, which results in a neutral handling car.

Feel free to call us if you would like more information.

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