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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Summit White did not kill ABM... Summit White was always in the plan. The plan was to add SW when the Impala line added it as well. Scott (fbodfather) said himself that a low volume color will get cut and replaced period... that's how it works. ABM was the lowest, done. IF SW killed it, it would have been gone prior to SW becoming available.

I do agree with you on the part about it not getting out there or marketed the way it needed to be by GM or dealers. I have not had a single negative comment on the color everyone tells me it's the best color they have seen hands down. I am glad to have the rarity of it now.
Yes, Summit White was always in the plan. When it came in, it was going to replace the low runner. That was, and still is, ABM. My point was that Summit White DID kill it by coming in, not Synergy Green, as has been rumored in many threads. The plant has been running 1 color over since Summit White came in as the plant can only produce a limited number of colors in volume. The relatively low volume of ABM allowed them to continue it along with SW for awhile. If Synergy Green didn't come in, ABM was still done. Had the discussion personally at Carlisle with Settlemire, Fitzpatrick and Pilcher. I work in Chevy marketing with all three of them on a daily basis. When Synergy Green is done, it will not be replaced with another volume color. We will do other colors, but they will be more special edition in nature. IOW, low volume.
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