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Yeah pretty much anything out nowadays can be had with sattelite radio. I plan on getting the premium sound system, whatever that may be. I am just thinking from a sales point of view. Designing stereos that are basically inpossible to replace would put a serious hurt on the car audio industry. Just think 30 years down the road when we are trying to do a concours restoration or a place like Unique Performance or West Coast Customs is trying to build a custom car. They would have to fabricate everything for custom audio, which would drive costs up quite a bit. Granted this doesn't factor in technological advances or if we will even be allowed to drive cars in 30 years, but my point is. It hurts everyone unless you can pus some serious factory sound in these cars via partnerships with the leading audio companies. Right now this isn't the case. most are mid-level companies (monsoon, bose car audio) with the exception of Rockford Fosgate and Kicker that I know of. If I am wrong please correct me.
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