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If I ever get stupid rich I WILL own one. It will sit between KITT and the General Lee. And Airwolf will fly me wherever I need to go. My daily will be decided between bumblebee and the Bandit. If I want to go to an out of state car show I will load up my Batmobiles in Optimus Prime's trailer and my friends can follow me in the Fast and Furious cars. My wife, the Ford lover will have Elanor and the Bullit Mustang to get her around. On race nights I'll take out Blade's Charger, or maybe Melba Toast. There's so many! I think I was born with a steering wheel in my hand... When I was a kid, instead of teddy-bears I used to sleep with the General Lee in one hand and either Boss Hogg's Cadillac or Roscoe P. Coltrane's cop car in the other. No joke.
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