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Originally Posted by Congoman775 View Post
ill sit on a 4.5 auto, and a 4.6-4.7 manual w/a good driver.

the auto will win 99% of the time.
Being within 1/10 - 2/10s of a second I think reaction time will have more to do with what happens at a stop light (in a manual with a good driver), obviously someone who misses shifts etc. isn't going to hang with even a totally incompetant driver in an auto. That's where most of these "races" are going to happen (to the members of the police force on here sorry, but you know it's going to happen). At the drag strip theres a lot of bracket racing (the point of which is what?) so times down the strip don't matter as much as consistency (advantage definitely auto).
ps Bracket racing sucks. Isn't the whole point of drag racing to prove who has the faster car, what exactly does bracket racing prove?
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