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Suspension guys..Issue after Eibach install

I installed the Eibachs a few days ago and I'm having an issue, hoping some of you experts can chime in.


In sweeping higher speed corners I'm getting an intermittent rubbing\grinding type noise from the rear while under throttle. The rear end feels like it's trying to step out, or something is shifting around, and I get the noise. If I let off the gas it goes away but if I stay on it the rear will step out, then snap back into the line, then step out again, over and over.

It feels like something is binding up back there under load, releasing, then binding again. It's pretty damn abrupt when it does it. Entire car does this weird shimmy thing through the corner. Occurs with TC on or off, and the tires aren't spinning. And it's not just momentarily loosing traction.

Under straight line hard acceleration the tail end is squirming around pretty good as well. Car tracked straight and true with the stock springs. Maybe just a function of the springs and unrelated to the above issue?

I looked at the info from this thread before the install

Once the springs were in I loosened the bushing bolts, put the tires on, took it off the jack stands, gave it a few bounces, and re tightened. Front then rear. I didn't do the rear camber bolts thinking I'd have the alignment tech do those.

I originally thought it was due to not having an alignment but I got one today and I still have the problem.

Took the rear tires off tonight, got under it and rechecked everything. It's all tight and seated properly.

Align specs.
Camber L & R 0.00
Cross Camber 0.00
Caster L& R 6.6
Total Toe .18

Camber: L\-.08 R\-.09
Total Toe .53 he said that's as close as he could get it

So...Any ideas?
Is something lose and I missed it twice?
Bushings binding up?
Tech didn't get the rear adjusters loose enough and I'm binding up there?
Crappy alignment?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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