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Originally Posted by kelleyperformance View Post
im excited, ive had your TVS kits on everything from a tahoe to an evo. absolutely love them. stand up customer service too seeing as there has been SO much testing on the other kits and items, i hope you all can do some similar tests seeing as many of the forum customers are number-oriented lol.

how much will it drop an SS?

The SS kit features a 1" lowered stance.

I'm happy to hear that you like our parts (and our service). We like the Camaro5 forums too, and we're actually running a special deal for you right now:

Hotchkis Holiday Deal for Camaro5 Members

At Hotchkis we firmly believe in testing our parts. All the formulas in the world won't replace real world testing. We have a lot of experience with stabilizer bar fatigue/cycle testing. Before we release a new product, we contact an independent testing laboratory to conduct extensive fatigue/cycle testing. This involves applying a load on a stabilizer bar in the same manner as if it were in the vehicle for a certain amount of cycles. Deflections up to a punishing 2-3 inches in each direction with 100,000 cycles are not uncommon.. These tests allow us to determine the durability of a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses. This helps us decide on the best tube material for a given application. Actual bench testing also allows us to verify our results from FEA.

Lab testing is still not enough for us, we are regular visitors to local tracks and races where we put our cars through real life track testing. After all, a lab test won't tell you if you will be comfortable in your car, and we know that most of our customers plan on both street and track use.

2010 Camaro Chassis Brace Test
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