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I have an idea to make some afterburner tail lights. Right now this is just the first phase of this idea and is not the finished product. I will not be using LED's for this project. I will be using less then 20 bucks of materials and some time to take the tail lights apart. Once I have a finished the tail lights, I will do a right up for it if everything works out. If it doesn't work out, I'll be buying new tail lights.

Here is a mock up of what I want to do and it is a very rough sketch so be kind, these photos and video are not the finished product. If I can get the look I am after, the lights will look like this at night going down the road.

and here is what they will look like when the brake pedal is pressed. Nice and bright just like they should be.

Here is a little video of the idea and should look much better and more 3d once I am finished with them.

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