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Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
^^ Awe, that's just mean

You know, I'm sitting here looking at the pictures and wondering, if this truly is a body kit, where are the lines that seperate what was factory and what is body kit?

I don't see how this could just be stuck onto a factory car without some heavy panel modification...

Looks pricy... only way I can see them creating this is, entirely replacing the front and rear quarter panels, replacing the front and rear bumper and maybe adding some paneling to the doors to match up with the wide body. If thatís the case... your basically replacing the entire body of the car. This equals lots of $$$$$.

Personally, I like it, but would never even dream of doing this to my car... would rather spend the money on the motor. And like someone said above.. would look cool in a movie... I was thinking Demolition man myself, maybe I-Robot.
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