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Originally Posted by Dezperados View Post
So its 8500 Dollar? Bomex didnīt reply to me yet...

It is a lot o money, but fairly said, it around 5800 Euro, which is in the same league like the premium bodykits here in Germany (like ABT and so on...).

What I want to know is if this is also functional, not show. No cracks and so on with full speed driving in the bodykit. @kamisxy Do you know if the quality is good?
Dont know too much about the quality the kit is still new but they also had mentioned that they were going to tone down the production kits as they were not gonna be as wide as the one we saw at Sema so just be prepared for some changes...which kinda sucks cause my philosophy is why make something if you cant sell the same exact one...but no you gotta go and make all your changes before hand and sell me something different than what you first showed me...bullsh-t..hate that sh=t! Its like why the fuc did you show me it in the first place?
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