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Not Good Boys...

A buddy and i test drove the new pontiac G8 today, and let me tell you this car was a winner on so many levels... but one level stood out in a negative manor, and was so drastic that it stopped either of us from wanting the car. At least with the Auto.

The Auto/manual shift system in the car lagged to the point that would make you uncertain if you had shifted hard enough, wondering if the computer read it and you should do it again.

The Shifts that were made in the 'Manual' mode were lagged what felt like seconds, realistically it was probaly just over a second or two. But a car travels a long time in a second or two.

i wasnt expecting lighting fast shifts like that in a Ferrari, but this almost made the whole 'manual' concept irrelevant. It made you feel even more detached from the car than you did before.

Now the real scary thing about this: this is the same 'TAPshift' system we're getting in the Camaro, According to the man at the dealership i talked to.

now im having trouble confirming this to be true, but it seems like it would be true. New systems, same platform, the G8 and Camaro are alot alike in alot of ways... just makes sense.

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