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Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
Hay guys this is some info for you from a friend.

I think there is a potential concern for noise at the upper strut bushing/grommet area. I think GM might call it a strut insulator. I have seen the grommet or insulator separating or starting to peel out. It is pretty easy to spot. Just put the vehicle in the air and with a flashlight, and see if you can see the inner piece separating from the outer grommet. Now I do not know if this is related to a bulletin, PIC5177 dated 6/4/09 that talks about snap or popping noises when turning. This noise can be felt at the top mount when turning either direction. GM says the front mount can become contaminated with road debris and want both mounts replaced. In the picture the part is #4.

So can we have you guys take a peek at this are and report? Maybe this is some of the noises we are seeing.
Cool info 2SSRS My car's in the garage ( storage ), and I don't have the room to check..... Hopefully someone in a warmer climate can check

That black rubber grommet/spacer does not look right !!

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